Re Post: Real Estate Facts

Facts About Real Estate


Experience in real estate is key.

Do everything you can to obtain investing and property management background, whether it be by taking an unpaid internship, managing some properties or making a few small investments of your own.


REITs are hot.

The last decade has seen a large rise in real estate financings to the public through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). These trusts work like mutual funds and hold property. The REIT boom is unlikely to continue over the next decade but this sector hould continue to offer good job opportunities for real estate analysts.


Negotiation Skills are Crucial.

A key skill in real estate is the ability to negotiate win-win contracts. Develop negotiating skills now and you will definitely see a payoff later.


Technology is becoming much more important in real estate.

Those who know how to develop products which use digitized photographs and video will have an advantage in the future because they can take properties to the customer as opposed to having to take the customer to the properties.

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